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Friday, August 10, 2012 - Munson Healthcare Benefit Report Available Online
Munson Healthcare Community Benefit Report Online
Munson Healthcare’s Community Benefit report for the year 2011 is now available on its website and will be inserted into several northern Michigan newspapers.

“This report provides some examples of the very personal ways the hospitals and other businesses associated with Munson Healthcare are helping ensure the region’s health,” said Ed Ness, President and CEO of Munson Healthcare and Munson Medical Center. “Last year the Munson Healthcare system provided $65 million in health care programs and education, as well as free, discounted, and unreimbursed services.”

As non-profit organizations, Munson Healthcare facilities and hospitals provide vital community resources 24 hours a day throughout each year.

“Community benefit is defined as programs or activities that provide treatment or promote health and healing in response to an identified community need,” said Diane Butler, RN, manager of Community Health at Munson Healthcare. “Munson has a strong commitment to give back to the communities we serve.”

All dollars from operating revenue are reinvested back into the appropriate organization to improve health care services and facilities for representative communities. Community Benefit programs must meet at least one of the following criteria:
• Improve access to health care service
• Enhance the health of the community
• Advance medical or health care knowledge
• Relieve, or reduce the burden of government, or other community efforts

In 2011, Munson Healthcare provided $44.9 million in community benefits, and $20.1 million in other significant financial contributions. These other contributions included the unpaid cost of bad debt, the unpaid cost of Medicare – the difference between the cost of services delivered and government payment – and community building activities.

As health care in the nation undergoes transformation, hospitals are being asked to help keep people out of their facilities and prevent illness from occurring. Readers of the report will learn how that is happening in northern Michigan through the work of Munson Healthcare facilities. Stories include:
• A look at how one family is benefiting from a telemedicine program for northern Michigan residents with blood disorders.
• A portrait of Kalkaska Memorial Health Center’s second Teen Health Corner in a renovated portable classroom next to Forest Area Schools’ high school. Principal Suzanne Cybulla said the facility meets real needs of her students. “I’m thrilled … I can’t say enough about how this asset has quickly integrated into our culture. We can’t have too many safety nets for these students.”
• An inside peek at how Cadillac Mercy Hospital’s Community Outreach Practitioner Theresa Evans is helping serve uninsured and underinsured patients who arrive at the hospital with substance abuse and/or mental health problems.
• Information on how a Mercy Hospital Grayling alumni program allows former patients to continue to use the hospital’s exercise equipment as often as they like – for just $10 a month.
• A glimpse into how Munson Home Health nurses are providing free health checks that include monitoring blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, and pulse rates at independent and assisted living facilities.
• One woman’s testimony of how the Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Mammography Assistance Fund, which pays for mammograms for uninsured and underinsured women, saves lives.
• How a set of twins born at Munson Medical Center benefit from specialty clinics provided to children across the region.
• What Otsego Memorial Hospital is doing to educate the public on health issues.
• How a North Flight paramedic serves as a volunteer on the Northern Michigan Mutual Aid Force.
• A glimpse at how a 4-year-old at Lake Ann Elementary came to know about the Great Wall of China, thanks to assistance from a Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital child development coordinator.
• A look at how West Shore Medical Center’s lactation educator and specialist helps promote breastfeeding for the health of babies across the region.

“Here in northern Michigan we are fulfilling our mission to work together as a region to provide superior quality care and promote community health,” Ness said.

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